Do we have to become Buddhist to come to the Centre and practice meditation?

No, Anyone can practice Buddhist mediation methods, according to the instructions already received elsewhere. But if someone needs instructions or want to discuss about their practice or if they have any questions about meditation, they can meet the teacher and get an appointment to discuss.

If we want to learn meditation can we come on any day or are there particular days to start meditation?

No. you have to come on the retreat start date & continue till the end.

Can we stay at the centre other than retreats dates or join for a retreat after it starts?

No. You can only participate for scheduled retreats mention on the '' Retreat '' page. It is mandatory that you complete the course. You may continue the practice by staying the Centre for few more days after your retreat.(Please check availability)

Can we come at anytime of the day to the Centre?

No, You have to come in between 1.00pm & 3.00 pm. Also remember it takes about 2 hours by bus to get to the centre from Peradeniya, Galaha Junction. If the centre is picking you up from the airport this doesn’t apply.

Can we take photos or videos

No, its strictly prohibited.

If a couple comes, do they get a shared room?

No, Male & Female sections are separately located.

What do we have to bring when coming to the Centre?

Your personal requirements, like clothes, toiletry, any medicines you need, a torch, an umbrella, and an alarm clock etc.

How about the meals?

Vegetarian meals are provided for Breakfast & Lunch. Snack for evening.

Can we bring something to eat apart from scheduled meal times, in case we get hungry?

Yes, you can eat anything vegetarian on your own, without any requirement for cooking, inside your rooms or inside the dining hall.

Can we keep mobile phones with us

Yes, you can. But we strongly recommend not to use them unless you have an emergency to communicate with someone.

How can I charge my phone?

No charging faciity available in the Centre

How is the weather?

It is usually cold, especially in the nights. Rain is very unpredictable.

Is there a Dress-code?

Yes. This is very important. You must dress more to conceal than to reveal when you come to the center as well as during the retreat (No sleeveless vests, shirts and blouses and keep your legs covered at all times)

Are there any animals or creatures that can be harmful to us?

There are monkeys (sometimes), mosquitoes and leeches, but they are not harmful. No dengue or malaria mosquitoes are reported here. You would not get sick if leeches bite you.
Also please remember not to feed monkeys or any other animals (cats, birds etc) at the centre.

What is the language used to give Meditation Instructions?

Both Sinhala & English languages are used at the Centre. Sometimes, there are retreats conducted totally either in Sinhala or English. But usually, for the Group Meditation sittings, the teacher will either talk in English or in Sinhala first & then the translation to the other language will follow.

Can a group come together to Meditate?

It depends on requirement.

In case of an emergency is there a hospital in close proximity?

The Kandy base hospital about 2 hours away.

Can I donate by Credit Card?

Sorry, no facility at the Centre to pay through Credit cards. Please give your donation by cash.